Corvette C5 B&B Bullet Exhaust - SOLD

 Selling these for my friend who just who just switched out to a different exhaust because he wanted something quieter.
Quad-tip version and used for ~10K miles on a 1999 C5 Convertible.
Still in great shape with no dents.
The only thing that the muffler shop that originally installed these spot welded the joints together (pics below).
This is the same exhaust on B&B's website model # FCOR-0100 with a MSRP of $981.

Prefer local pick-up as we don't have a box to ship this yet.

Asking $500 or best offer.

Location:  San Jose, CA.

Sorry, no pics of them on the car.
Please contact me if interested.
Thank you.

Any of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.  (Beware, these are large pictures)

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