Socal28's S2000


Euro clear front headlight housings w/ Euro turn signal sockets
Philips SilverVision front turn signal bulbs
Clear side markers
Rick's "S" Emblem
Honda Insight antenna

Any of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Aiming device, because Euro headlight housings are suppose to have auto leveling motors attached.  Created by MG Racing and purchased for $25.



Euro headlight turn signal socket from Sweden

Fits perfect into Euro headlight housings

Sockets compared from US stock on left and Euro's on right.

Plugs for both are the same, no splicing, just un-plug and plug

Euro socket uses Euro type bayonet bulbs, purchased from Pep Boys.

Pic of bulb guides, notice not 180 deg. apart!

Finally got my Philips SilverVision bulbs in!

Nice and silver!  :)

These are the cheap Pep Boys amber bulbs.

Here are the SilverVision bulbs installed.

Still blinks amber like a regular amber bulb!

Part numbers for the clear lights, I forget which is right or left though!

Insight antenna, 7/21/2001

Blue tinted side view mirrors, 3/24/2002.  Don't have them anymore.  They were just an experiment and I didn't like them.  The view was too hazy.

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