Socal28's S2000


Muz Roof Well Mat and 1-piece Floormats
Ricks Blk/Blk Leather Center Console and 7/8 Windscreen
JDM S2000 Key with integrated programmed chip

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Muz 1-piece floormats (drivers side)
with custom 1/2" ring

Muz 1-piece floormats (passengers side)

Rick's 7/8" windscreen
Ricks black leather center console cover

Top view of Rick's leather console cover

JDM S2000 accessory key with programmed chip

Chip from U.S. version generic programmed key.  Used a 
chisel and hammer to cut the material off the key to extract
the chip.  The chip was originally enclosed in plastic shielding,
but the outer material tore it apart.

Hole cut through JDM to fit chip.  Key was first outlined by chip,
drilled several holes then used small triangle file to shave the rest.
A dremel tool would have been easier, but I didn't have access
to one.

Chip wrapped in electrical tape ready for silicone adhesion

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Muz Mats

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