Socal28's S2000

Southern California S2000 Meet

August 18, 2001
~70 cars
~150 miles of driving

Special thanks to:
Leader: Back-Cracker (Michael)
Event Relations:  S2K Fan (Marcus)
Mapper, Photographer, H-Formation Design: VTECxTurbo
Utility Men:  Reecespieces (Henry), SteveUCI (Steve) and Benlavigne (Ben)
Raffels: Mrs. S2K Fan (Theresa)
and Weseloh Honda and other sponsors

Any of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

At Irvine Orchard Park

At Irvine Orchard Park


Nice!  RJ de Vera's S2K from RO_JA Engineering Works


At Irvine Orchard Park

Red Bull girls again with Back Cracker (Michael)!


VtecTurbos (Aarons) S2K

Cool event banner!


Nice event shirts!

Team silver re-grouping on the drive to Weseloh Honda


Team red getting ready for drive to Weseloh Honda

Weseloh Honda

Nice scenic route to Weseloh Honda


At Weseloh Honda

Getting ready for the drive to Lake Elsinore


About to take off to Lake Elsinore


Cars arranged as "H" at Lake Elsinore


Lake Elsinore


Leaving Lake Elsinore and heading to the extended event
I really had lots of fun! 
Nice meeting everyone! 
Great job Michael!  :)

Group pic and Lake 
Elsinore "H" pic 
coming soon!

SFV Meet 9/16/2001

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