Socal28's S2000

Wheels and Tires

Rims:  BBS RG-R 18x7.5 ET +50 (RG749)Front and 18x8.5 ET +53 (RG750)Rear
Finish: DBK (similiar to satin silver/black chrome/BMW M wheels finish)
Tires:  Bridgestone SO-3 225/40-18 Front and 255/35-18 Rear
Weight of wheels (without tires):   18x7.5 = 17.5 lbs.  18x8.5 = 18.0 lbs.  (done on bathroom scale)
Overall weight (wheel + tires):  Front = 43.5 lbs. Rear = 46.0 lbs.

Stock wheels:  Front 16x6.5 +55 offset     Rear 16x7.5 +65 offset
Overal stock weight (wheel + tires):  Front = 39.5 lbs. Rear = 43.5 lbs.

Wheel/tire fitment and rubbing info

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States model number, size and offset.

18x7.5 +50; The face is actually flush with the outer lip.

18x8.5 +53

RG-R front weight of 17.5 lbs.

RG-R rear weight of 18.0 lbs.

RG-R 18x7.5 with SO-3 225/40-18 weight

RG-R 18x8.5 with SO-3 255/35-18 weight

Comparison with stock front and SO-3 225

Comparison with stock rear and SO-3 255

Supplied hubcentric rings and lug nuts


BBS Japan

Wheel/tire fitment and rubbing info

Old TL Rims:  5Zigen 3-piece Heidfelds 18x7.5 +48 offset with custom chrome rivots = 21 pounds ea.
Tires:  Nitto NT-555 225/40ZR18 = 24.9 pounds ea.

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